One of our aims, is to grow as many areas as possible to be pollinator and people havens; where people can truly appreciate the beauty of our pollinators, and where bees, butterflies, moths and birds alike can flourish.

Forest Apiary, Tortworth Arboretum

Bee Apiary, Tortworth Arboretum

We are very fortunate to be part of the beautiful arboretum at Tortworth Forest Centre in Wooten-Under-Edge. This 20 acre woodland, is home to over 300 rare or champion trees, deer, badgers, bats, and soon to be bees. We are currently preparing the trunk of a tree to create a new habitat for honeybees; a log hive.

Please see our events page for the next volunteer or activity day here, as well as keeping an eye on facebook.


The Bee Garden, Blaise Community Garden

The Bee Garden, Blaise Community Garden

Blaise Community Garden is a really special place. A once thriving Victorian Walled Garden, the now abandoned greenhouses and land is being lovingly restored, now growing into community space for growing veges, flowers, and now of course, bees.  We are currently preparing the space for a bee area; we will be teaching from here, and running volunteer sessions. Please do get in touch if you would like to help.